Amazon Loan Repayment Quiz answers today – 14 August 2023

Amazon Loan Repayment Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: All of these
  • Answer 2: TRUE
  • Answer 3: Loan Account Number
  • Answer 4: UPI
  • Answer 5: TRUE

Amazon Loan Repayment Quiz questions and answers

Q1 – Loan Repayment to which of these lenders can be done through Amazon?

Answer: All of these

Q2 – Through Amazon one can pay their Loan EMIs from 200+ available lenders

Answer: TRUE

Q3 – After selecting the lender, what does one have to enter to proceed with the loan repayment on Amazon?

Answer: Loan Account Number

Q4 – A loan repayment can be made on Amazon through Net Banking and which other method?

Answer: UPI

Q5 – I can make a loan repayment on Amazon for my father’s EMI

Answer: TRUE

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