Amazon MamyPoko Quiz Answers August 2023 Win 100 Cashback

A brand-new competition from Amazon India has just been added to the Funzone part of the Amazon shopping app. It is called the Amazon MamyPoko Quiz. Amazon is testing your knowledge of the new line of MamyPoko TVs with this competition and giving you the chance to win Rs 1,000 for correctly answering five questions. The contest page states that a random drawing of lots will be used to choose winners.

Amazon MamyPoko Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Unicharm India Pvt Ltd
  • Answer 2: Japan
  • Answer 3: 12
  • Answer 4: U
  • Answer 5: 7

Amazon MamyPoko Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1: Mamy Poko Pants Is Manufactured By _______ ?

Answer: Unicharm India Pvt Ltd

Q2: Mamy Poko Pants Belongs To _______ Country ?

Answer: Japan

Q3: MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Comes With New “Widespread Crisscross Sheet” With 50% Extra Absorption Area On Sides That Absorbs Urine Quickly And Repeatedly For Upto _______ Hours.

Answer: 12

Q4: Mamy Poko Pants New Born Diapers Has A _______ Shape Cut In The Front, Which Protects The Umbilical Stump Of The New Born Baby.

Answer: U

Q5: ______ Is The Sister Brand Of Mamy Poko Pants For Sanitary Napkins.

Answer: Sofy

Q6: Mamy Poko Pants Absorsb ______ Glasses Of Urine With The Help Of Its Widespread Crisscross Sheet

Answer: 7

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How to find the Amazon MamyPoko Quiz?

Only Amazon users in India are able to participate in the Amazon MamyPoko quiz. Open the Amazon shopping app and navigate to the Funzone section to begin the quiz. Look for the Amazon MamyPoko Quiz there, then tap on its banner to launch the competition. Users who are interested can also use above link to perform the quiz on their smartphones.

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