Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz answers today: Win Rs 1,000 (100 winners)

This brand-new Amazon promotion for the Redmi 12 5G smartphone is called the Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz. It is planned for the smartphone to debut on August 1st, 2023. Amazon is promoting the product to its audience and is offering a chance to win Rs 1,000 for a total of 100 winners with just a few days until the official release.

Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Snapdragon
  • Answer 2: All of the above
  • Answer 3: Crystal Glass Design
  • Answer 4: True
  • Answer 5: 5000mAh

Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz questions and answers

Q1: Redmi 12 5G Series comes with which processor brand?

Answer: Snapdragon

Q2: The display on Redmi 12 5G is:

Answer: All of the above

Q3: Redmi 12 5G has a __________

Answer: Crystal Glass Design

Q4: Redmi 12 5G is the only smartphone with IP53 Rating in the segment

Answer: True

Q5: Redmi 12 5G hosts a massive ______ mAh battery

Answer: 5000mAh

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Where is the Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz located?

One of Amazon India’s newest quizzes, the Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz, has appeared in the app’s Funzone area. Open the Amazon shopping app, then navigate to the Funzone section to discover this quiz. Find the Amazon Redmi 12 5G Quiz there, then touch on its banner to launch the competition. Amazon customers can skip the line by clicking here to launch the quiz on their phones immediately.

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