The Amazon Blog Dayone Quiz Answers And Win 20000 July 2020

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Amazon Blog Dayone Quiz July 20 Answers Today

Q1: What are the benefits of Amazon Prime membership program?

Ans – All of the above

Q2: Prime Day 2020 in India starts on _ and will run for 48 hours, offering members two full days of the best in shopping, savings and blockbuster entertainment.

Ans – Thursday, August 6

Q3: This Prime Day, members in India will have the opportunity to discover joy and purchase unique products from __

Ans – All of the above

Q4: During the 14-day lead-up to Prime Day, members can shop unique products offered by Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) and get 20% cashback up to INR 200* on their Prime Day purchases.

Ans – TRUE

Q5: Prime Day 2020 will witness over __ new product launches from top brands across categories.

Ans – 300

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